Welcome to the Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Roadmap!

A few things to note before you begin your adventure here so please read everything before diving into the roadmap! The roadmap is a constantly updated and ongoing display of features that can possibly and features that will show up in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Not everything shown here will be the only features that show up in future patches and content releases. Addition to that not everything will show up immediately or updated to a later phase even if it's already in ongoing development or even finalized. We need to keep some details hidden but if we have the possibility to show it to you early, we will!


Any item that is on the roadmap at any phase can go back and forth as we progress on features in development. Some features may take longer over others that may fly through all 4 phases into the next patch. As usual any feature that does not meet our standard for release will be held back or if a feature turns out to possibly cause a game breaking situation may be cancelled out right. Which leads into the final important note that not all items that even do appear on this roadmap will actually make it into the game due to various things like time, issues they may cause, general feedback, etc.

Lastly, voting on features give you, the community, a voice to help us see what features you want the most and possibly sway our internal priorities to focus more on something earlier than later. It doesn’t outright change our development, but will be a valuable resource for us to reference.

Roadmap Phases


When a feature is released it’ll be included here alongside a link to the patch or details about its release. Items that move through will show up as a roadmap card under the release details.